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The lastest AAAsecurity fully monitored system

Absolute Freedom.

Introducing PhoneWatch.

Today's homeowners want much more than a security system - they want their system to alert them in case of burglary, fire and flood as well as medical emergencies of “at risk” loved ones - anywhere they are, at home or away. Whenever the system activates, the monitoring centre will text or phone you immediately or any person you nominate to respond to the alarm AAA PhoneWatch can deliver any or all of the above! Freedom to choose - flexible, modular and a comprehensive solution.

PhoneWatch solution is modular, allowing for selection and addition of devices and detectors at any time. When needs change or any components become available, PhoneWatch can be easily expanded to include smoke detection and flood detection Standards and compliances PhoneWatch meets the standards of most countries around the world Including:

(CE/RTTE), EN300 220-1&3, EN 301 489-1&3, EN60950, EN50131-1, EN-50130-4, EN 50130-5, BS-6799 Class VI and DD-243:2002.
SIA false alarm prevention recommendation
UL 985, UL 1023, UL1635, FCC part 15 and part 68, TBR-21
Available in the following frequencies- 315, 433.92, 426.4875, 868.95, 869.2625 MHz
Freedom from complicated installation - Plug and Protect™.
The PhoneWatch wireless system is ready to install right out of the box. Eliminating cabling work, even to the wireless external siren, installation can be completed in less than two hours. Just plug and protect.

For you the customer, installation is a hassle-free experience. So quick, it won't disrupt your schedule, and with no plaster or paint damage, walls and décor are left unharmed.

PhoneWatch delivers the highest level of advanced wireless security, with the built-in reliability that forms the core of AAA’s reputation.
• Secures premises with advanced motion sensors, door/window magnetic contacts and glass break detectors.
• Patented Pet Tolerant intelligent PIR detectors, can reliably distinguish between a human and an animal weighing up to 38 kg (85 lb), so pets can roam freely throughout the home.
• Patented True Motion Recognition™ technology, provides excellent false alarm immunity together with the industry's best catch performance.
• Advanced jamming detection ensures immediate reporting of system jamming, in compliance with the highest industry standards.
• Improved! - Special zones dedicated to safety related peripherals, such as gas, flood and smoke sensors. Sends an alert regarding an event and initiates a predefined response sequence. PhoneWatch is the perfect security solution for your home, apartment or residential property.

PhoneWatch offers the most versatile off premises access performance available. Owners can choose to interact with the PhoneWatch through a secure, user-friendly, SMS message, mobile or regular phone.
The system provides:
• Event notification, alerting the owner and the monitoring centre Freedom of location also means remote administration and servicing, with easy upload and download capabilities and high speed programming.