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24 Hour Monitored Alarm Systems

AAA Security can install burglar alarm systems which can be monitored 24-hours a day by our Alarm Receiving Centre (Yeoman Monitoring Services Ltd).

Yeoman Monitoring Services Ltd are an independent Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who were formed in 1987. We have been using Yeoman Monitoring for years and have always found their standards and quality of service to be excellent. They are totally professional with both ourselves and our customers.


We can offer various types of monitoring, and a short description of each is given below:

Digital Communicator - This is the cheapest of the options. A unit called a digital communicator is fitted into the alarm control panel and utilises a telephone line to send a coded signal to the ARC when the alarm system is activated. If the telephone line is cut or engaged, however, the signal is unable to be sent.

BT RedCARE - A BT RedCARE STU unit is fitted into the alarm control panel and utilises a BT telephone line. The line is 'monitored' continually by sending a pulsing signal along the line so the line cannot become 'engaged' by people using the telephone. However, in most cases, faxes and modems should not be used on the same telephone line as the RedCARE as it will interfere with the 'monitoring' of the line (advise can be given regarding this before installation of an alarm system). If the telephone line becomes faulty or is cut, the ARC will receive a 'Line Fault' signal and will advise the customer and/or keyholders.

BT RedCARE GSM - This is basically the same as BT RedCARE, but in addition, should the telephone line be faulty or cut, the signalling will continue to be sent via a radio signal using Cellnet's GSM network.

DualComPlus -This dual-signalling device, manufactured by CSL, sends the primary signal via the 'Vodafone Packnet Radio Service' (VPRS) and the secondary signal via a digital communicator using a telephone line.

As BT RedCARE and RedCARE GSM are generally preferred by insurance companies, we would normally only install DualComPlus in the very few areas in the UK where the RedCARE network is not available.

As there are various types of monitoring available, it is always advisable to check with your insurance company first to determine their signalling requirements, if any.