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System Components

Control panel

The PhoneWatch LCD display panel and voice-activated prompts keeps you fully informed during both the set up process and when in operation.

Door Contast

Door contact

With no messy wires to worry about, the system alerts you when the magnetic contact is broken.

Key fob

Key fob

Up to 8 one-touch key fobs can be linked into the system. Activating and de-activating the alarm is as simple as using a car remote central locking system.



The smallest on the market with a range of 40x40ft (12x12m).

Pet Friendly PIR

Pet friendly PIR

Other so-called ‘pet-friendly’ home alarm systems work on the basis of masking off part of the PIR. That’s fine if the pet is small and stays at ground level – otherwise, your pet may create a false alarm.

Using sophisticated patented technology which detects the weight of the pet, Phonewatch allows your pet(s) to roam free without setting off a false alarm.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector

Like other smoke detectors, the system will trigger an alarm on detection of smoke. Unlike most others, the PhoneWatch system will alert you when the batteries need changing making sure you are protected continuously.

Key Pad

Key pad

Allows you to control the system from anywhere in the home.

Particularly useful for arming and disarming the system from upstairs at night time.